NETHERLANDS Travel Guide for 2024: Discover Dutch Elegance

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Welcome to our ultimate Netherlands travel guide.
From vibrant Amsterdam to picturesque windmills and The Hague’s political heart, the Netherlands offers diverse experiences. Discover the best times to visit, explore top attractions, find tips on accommodation, money-saving strategies, and recommendations for experiencing the Netherlands’ culinary delights.
In this Netherlands travel guide, we’ll provide you with essential information, valuable tips, and must-see attractions.

What to See and Do in Netherlands

The Netherlands is a treasure trove of captivating attractions and experiences that cater to every traveler’s interests. Here are some must-see highlights to add to your Netherlands travel itinerary:

  • Amsterdam: Explore the picturesque capital city known for its charming canals, historic architecture, and vibrant cultural scene. Visit the Anne Frank House, Van Gogh Museum, and Rijksmuseum to delve into art and history. Take a leisurely canal cruise or rent a bike to explore the city like a local.
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  • Keukenhof Gardens: Immerse yourself in a kaleidoscope of colors at Keukenhof, the world’s largest flower garden. Open from late March to mid-May, you’ll be enchanted by the breathtaking displays of tulips, hyacinths, and daffodils.
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  • Rotterdam: Marvel at the modern architectural marvels and innovative design in Rotterdam. Visit the iconic Erasmus Bridge, explore the bustling Markthal, and enjoy panoramic views from the Euromast observation tower during your Netherlands trip. Art enthusiasts shouldn’t miss the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen.
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  • The Hague: Discover the political heart of the Netherlands in The Hague. Explore the historic Binnenhof, home to the Dutch government, and visit renowned museums like Mauritshuis, which houses Vermeer’s “Girl with a Pearl Earring.” Take a stroll along the scenic Scheveningen beach and enjoy fresh seafood.
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  • Zaanse Schans: Step back in time at this charming open-air museum near Amsterdam. Admire the traditional Dutch windmills, visit the wooden clog workshops, and explore the historic houses and shops. Don’t forget to sample delicious cheeses and take a boat ride along the Zaan River.
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Fast Facts About Netherlands

  • Climate: The Netherlands experiences a temperate maritime climate, with mild summers and cool winters. Be prepared for frequent rainfall throughout the year.

  • Local Currency: The official currency of the Netherlands is the Euro (€). It is widely accepted, and ATMs are easily accessible in cities and towns.

  • Power Voltage: The standard voltage in the Netherlands is 230V, and the frequency is 50Hz. Power outlets have two round pins, so make sure to bring a universal adapter if needed.

  • Language: Dutch is the official language of the Netherlands. However, many locals also speak English, especially in popular tourist areas and cities.

  • Religion: The Netherlands is known for its religious diversity. While the majority of the population is not religious, you will find various faiths represented, including Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism.

  • Safety: The Netherlands is generally considered safe for travelers. However, exercise caution in crowded tourist areas and be mindful of pickpockets.

  • Cultural Etiquette: The Dutch are known for their friendly and direct nature. When greeting someone, a simple handshake is customary. It is polite to say “Dank u wel” (Thank you) and “Alstublieft” (Please) when interacting with locals.

  • Tipping: Tipping in the Netherlands is not obligatory, as service charges are usually included in the bill. However, rounding up the bill or leaving a small tip for exceptional service is appreciated.

When to Visit Netherlands: Seasons and Festivals

The Netherlands offers something special throughout the year. Here’s a breakdown of the seasons and popular festivals to consider during your Netherlands journey:

  • Spring (April to June): Springtime brings vibrant blooms of tulips and other flowers. The world-famous Keukenhof Gardens in Lisse should not be missed. April also features King’s Day (Koningsdag) on the 27th, a national celebration filled with street parties and vibrant orange festivities.

  • Summer (July to August): The Netherlands experiences pleasant weather during summer, making it ideal for outdoor activities. Join the lively atmosphere of music festivals like the North Sea Jazz Festival and the Amsterdam Dance Event, must-attend events during your Netherlands trip.

  • Autumn (September to November): Autumn in the Netherlands offers mild temperatures and beautiful foliage. Visit during October to witness the International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam, or explore the local food scene during Dutch Restaurant Week.

  • Winter (December to February): Embrace the Dutch winter charm by visiting Christmas markets and ice-skating rinks in cities like Amsterdam, The Hague, and Rotterdam. Celebrate New Year’s Eve with spectacular fireworks displays across the country.

How to Get Around Netherlands

Here are the best ways to get around and explore the country during your Netherlands travel adventure:

  • Public Transportation: The country has an excellent public transportation system, including trains, trams, buses, and metros. The Dutch Railways (NS) provides extensive train services, connecting major cities and towns. Consider purchasing an OV-chipkaart, a rechargeable card that allows seamless travel on various modes of public transport.
  • Bicycles: The Netherlands is renowned for its cycling culture, and renting a bike is a fantastic way to explore the country. Most cities offer bike rentals, and there are well-marked bike paths throughout the country. Join the locals and pedal your way through scenic landscapes and urban areas.
  • Car Rental: Renting a car provides flexibility, especially if you plan to visit more remote areas or rural regions. The Netherlands has an excellent road network, and major cities offer various car rental services. Keep in mind that parking in city centers can be expensive, and some areas have restricted zones.
  • Walking: Many cities and towns in the Netherlands are compact and pedestrian-friendly. Exploring on foot allows you to soak up the local ambiance, discover hidden gems, and stumble upon charming cafes and boutiques.
  • Canal Cruises: In cities like Amsterdam and Utrecht, canal cruises offer a unique perspective and a leisurely way to see the sights. Hop on a guided tour or rent a small boat to navigate the scenic canals at your own pace.

Where to Stay in Netherlands: Accommodation Tips

When it comes to finding accommodation during your Netherlands journey, you have a variety of options to suit your budget and preferences. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your stay:

  • Hotels and Guesthouses: The Netherlands offers a wide range of hotels, from luxurious establishments to budget-friendly options. Consider staying in boutique hotels or charming guesthouses for a unique experience. Look for accommodations that are centrally located or close to public transportation for convenient exploration.
  • Bed and Breakfasts: Experience the warmth and hospitality of the Dutch by staying in a traditional bed and breakfast (B&B). These cozy accommodations often provide a hearty breakfast and a chance to interact with friendly hosts who can offer local insights and recommendations.
  • Hostels and Budget Hotels: If you’re traveling on a budget, hostels and budget hotels are a great option. The Netherlands has a well-developed hostel network, offering affordable dormitory-style or private room options. Look for hostels with good reviews and amenities such as communal kitchens and social areas.
  • Vacation Rentals: During your Netherlands travel, consider booking a vacation rental for a more homely experience. Platforms like Airbnb and offer a wide range of apartments, houses, and unique stays throughout the country. This option is ideal for families or travelers seeking more space and the flexibility to cook their meals.
  • Campsites: If you enjoy outdoor adventures, the Netherlands has numerous well-equipped campsites in picturesque locations. From coastal sites to tranquil forests, camping is an excellent option for nature lovers.

Netherlands Travel Guide: Money-Saving Tips

Here are some practical money-saving tips to help you make the most of your budget during your Netherlands travel adventure:

  • Public Transportation Passes: Consider purchasing an OV-chipkaart for discounted travel on public transportation. You can load credit onto the card and use it across various modes of transport, including trains, trams, buses, and metros.
  • Museum Cards: If you plan to visit multiple museums, investing in a museum card can save you money. The Museumkaart allows free entry to over 400 museums across the Netherlands. It’s valid for one year and offers the flexibility to explore at your own pace.
  • Free Walking Tours: Many cities, including Amsterdam, offer free walking tours led by knowledgeable guides. These tours provide a great introduction to the city’s history and major landmarks. While the tour itself is free, it’s customary to tip the guide if you enjoyed the experience.
  • Picnic in Parks: Instead of dining out for every meal, take advantage of the Netherlands’ beautiful parks and have a picnic. Visit local markets or grocery stores to gather fresh produce, bread, and cheese. Enjoy a leisurely meal surrounded by nature while saving on restaurant expenses.
  • Bike Rentals: Embrace the Dutch cycling culture and rent a bike during your Netherlands trip. Not only is cycling a fun and eco-friendly way to explore, but it can also save you money on transportation costs. Many cities have bike-sharing programs or rental shops that offer affordable daily or hourly rates.
  • Free Events and Festivals: Keep an eye out for free events and festivals happening during your visit. The Netherlands hosts a vibrant calendar of cultural celebrations, music festivals, and street markets.

What Food to Try in Netherlands: Traditional Cuisine

The Netherlands may not be the first country that comes to mind when thinking about culinary destinations, but it has its own unique gastronomic delicacies. Here’s a Netherlands travel guide to the culinary delights and traditional dishes:

  • Dutch Pancakes (Pannenkoeken): These thin, large pancakes are a Dutch specialty. They come in sweet and savory variations, and popular toppings include powdered sugar, syrup, cheese, and bacon. Visit a pancake house (pannenkoekenhuis) for an authentic pancake experience.
  • Bitterballen: These deep-fried meat-based snacks are beloved in the Netherlands. Bitterballen are small, round croquettes filled with a creamy beef or veal ragout. They are typically served with mustard and make for a tasty appetizer or bar snack.
  • Stroopwafels: Indulge in these delightful Dutch treats. Stroopwafels are thin, waffle-like cookies with a layer of caramel syrup sandwiched between them. They are best enjoyed with a hot cup of coffee or tea.
  • Herring (Haring): For the adventurous foodies, try the Dutch way of eating herring. Served raw and typically eaten with pickles and onions, herring is a popular street food snack. It’s a unique and authentic taste of Dutch seafood culture.
  • Indonesian Rijsttafel: Discover the Dutch-Indonesian culinary fusion with a rijsttafel, which translates to “rice table.” It consists of a wide array of small Indonesian dishes served alongside rice. Indulge in flavors of satay, rendang, sambal, and more, showcasing the colonial history and influence of the Dutch East Indies.
  • Cheese: The Netherlands is famous for its cheese production, and a visit would be incomplete without sampling some of the local varieties. From Gouda to Edam and Leerdammer, you’ll find cheese shops and markets where you can taste and purchase a wide selection of flavors.
  • Dutch Apple Pie (Appeltaart): Treat your taste buds to a slice of traditional Dutch apple pie. Made with a buttery crust, sweet apples, and a hint of cinnamon, this comforting dessert is best enjoyed with a dollop of whipped cream.

What to Bring from Netherlands: Souvenir Ideas

Here are some unique souvenir ideas to commemorate your Netherlands travel adventure and share a taste of Dutch culture:

  • Delft Blue Pottery: Delftware, or Delft Blue pottery, is a traditional Dutch ceramic art form. Admire the intricate blue-and-white designs on plates, vases, tiles, and more. Consider purchasing a piece of Delftware to add a touch of Dutch craftsmanship to your home.
  • Dutch Clogs (Klompen): These iconic wooden shoes are synonymous with Dutch culture. While they may not be the most practical footwear, they make for a quirky and decorative souvenir. Look for hand-painted clogs or miniature versions as a fun memento.
  • Cheese: Bring home the flavors of the Netherlands by purchasing some authentic Dutch cheese. Visit local cheese shops or markets to find a variety of Gouda, Edam, or Leerdammer. Vacuum-sealed packs make it easy to transport and enjoy your favorite cheese back home.
  • Stroopwafels: Treat your friends and family to the sweet delight of stroopwafels. Purchase packages of these caramel-filled cookies to share the taste of the Netherlands with your loved ones.
  • Dutch Gin (Jenever): Discover the Dutch equivalent of gin, known as jenever. Choose from a range of flavors and styles, from traditional genever to modern gin infusions.
  • Dutch Chocolate: Indulge your sweet tooth with Dutch chocolate. Look for artisanal chocolatiers or well-known brands like Tony’s Chocolonely to find a delectable selection of chocolates, including unique flavors and combinations.
  • Tulip Bulbs: Bring home the beauty of Dutch flowers by purchasing tulip bulbs. With a wide range of colors and varieties available, you can recreate a piece of the Netherlands in your own garden. Just ensure to check the import regulations of your home country before bringing bulbs back.

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