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What is Average Room Rate?
Meaning, Origin, Popular Use, and Synonyms

Average Room Rate - osam tour

What is Average Room Rate?

The Average Room Rate refers to the average price charged for a hotel room or accommodation over a specific period, typically calculated on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. It is a significant metric in the hospitality industry, representing the average cost that guests can expect to pay for a room in a particular hotel or destination during a specific time frame. The Average Room Rate is influenced by factors such as seasonal demand, location, hotel category, and the overall economic conditions of the travel market.

Origins of the term Average Room Rate

The term “Average Room Rate” originated from the hotel and travel industry’s need to evaluate and analyze pricing trends and revenue performance. Hoteliers began tracking and calculating the average price of their rooms to better understand market dynamics, optimize pricing strategies, and make informed decisions to attract guests while maintaining profitability.

Where is the term Average Room Rate commonly used?

The term “Average Room Rate” is commonly used in the hotel and travel industry, particularly by hotel management, revenue managers, and travel analysts. It is an essential metric used in hotel financial reports, market analysis, and competitive benchmarking to assess the performance and positioning of a hotel or destination.

Synonyms of the term Average Room Rate

While “Average Room Rate” is the standard term used, there are some synonymous expressions that convey a similar concept:

  1. ADR (Average Daily Rate): Referring specifically to the average cost of a hotel room per day.
  2. Average Rate per Room Night: Describing the average price charged for a room on a single night.
  3. Room Rate Average: Emphasizing the calculation of the average rate for hotel rooms.

How to say Average Room Rate in other languages?

Translation - osam tour
  • Spanish: Tarifa Media de Habitación
  • Italian: Tariffa Media per Camera
  • French: Tarif Moyen de la Chambre
  • German: Durchschnittlicher Zimmerpreis
  • Chinese: 平均房价 (Píngjūn fángjià)
  • Hindi: औसत कमर की दर (Ausat kamr ki dar)
  • Japanese: 平均部屋料金 (Heikin heya ryōkin)
  • Arabic: متوسط سعر الغرفة (Mutawassiṭ saer alghurfat)
  • Russian: Средняя стоимость номера (Srednyaya stoimost’ nomera)
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