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What is Cay?
Meaning, Origin, Popular Use, and Synonyms

Cay - osam tour

What is Cay?

A cay, also known as a key, is a small, low-elevation island or islet composed of sand, coral, or rock. These formations are typically found in tropical or subtropical regions and are often surrounded by shallow, clear waters, making them popular destinations for travelers seeking picturesque beaches and marine life.

Origins of the term Cay

The term “cay” comes from the Spanish word “cayo,” which means a small, sandy island or low bank. Spanish explorers and cartographers used the term to describe these formations in the Caribbean and other regions they encountered during their voyages.

Where is the term Cay commonly used?

The term “cay” is commonly used in geography and travel contexts, particularly in regions with a significant number of small islands and islets. It is often employed in the description and promotion of tropical destinations and marine environments that feature cays as part of their attractions.

Synonyms of the term Cay

The term “cay” is closely related to the word “key,” which is used interchangeably in some regions, particularly in the United States, particularly in Florida and the Gulf Coast.

How to say Cay in other languages?

Translation - osam tour
  • Spanish: Cayo
  • Italian: Isola di sabbia (Island of sand)
  • French: Caye
  • German: Sandbank
  • Chinese: 沙洲 (Shāzhōu)
  • Hindi: छोटा ज़मीन (Chhota jameen)
  • Japanese: 小島 (Kojima)
  • Arabic: جزيرة رملية (Jazīrat rumaliyya)
  • Russian: Кай (Kay)
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