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What is Charter?
Meaning, Origin, Popular Use, and Synonyms

Charter - osam tour

What is Charter?

Charter refers to a form of travel arrangement where an individual or group charters an entire aircraft, boat, or bus for their exclusive use. Unlike commercial flights or regular public transportation, charters offer more flexibility and customization in terms of itinerary, timing, and destinations. Charters are popular for group vacations, corporate trips, sports teams, and special events, providing a convenient and tailored travel experience.

Origins of the term Charter

The term “charter” has its roots in medieval Latin, where it originally meant a document or contract granting rights or privileges. In the context of travel, chartering a vehicle or vessel involves contracting the entire transportation service for a specific purpose or timeframe.

Where is the term Charter commonly used?

The term “charter” is commonly used in the travel industry to describe private transportation arrangements. It is frequently associated with charter flights, charter boats, and charter buses, where travelers can hire the entire vehicle for their exclusive use.

Synonyms of the term Charter

Synonyms for charter include “hire,” “rent,” “book exclusively,” and “privately charter.”

How to say Charter in other languages?

Translation - osam tour
  • Spanish: Carta / Alquiler
  • Italian: Noleggio / Affitto
  • French: Affrètement / Location
  • German: Charter / Mieten
  • Chinese: 包租 (Bāozū)
  • Hindi: चार्टर (Chārṭar)
  • Japanese: チャーター (Chātā)
  • Arabic: تأجير (Ta’jir)
  • Russian: Чартер (Chárter)
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