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What is Check-In?
Meaning, Origin, Popular Use, and Synonyms

Check-in - osam tour

What is Check-In?

Check-in is a process that travelers go through before embarking on a journey. It typically involves arriving at the departure point, confirming travel documents, and obtaining boarding passes or travel permits. Check-in can occur at airports, train stations, bus terminals, and cruise ports, ensuring that travelers are officially registered and ready for their trip.

Origins of the term Check-In

The term “check-in” originally referred to the process of registering at a hotel, where guests would physically sign their names in a register upon arrival. Over time, it became associated with travel, indicating the formal registration of passengers before their departure.

Where is the term Check-In commonly used?

The term “check-in” is commonly used in the context of air travel, but it is also applicable to other modes of transportation, such as trains, buses, and cruises. Check-in procedures vary depending on the mode of transportation and the specific travel provider.

Synonyms of the term Check-In

Synonyms for check-in include “registration,” “boarding,” “ticketing,” and “enrollment.”

How to say Check-In in other languages?

Translation - osam tour
  • Spanish: Registro / Facturación
  • Italian: Check-in / Registrazione
  • French: Enregistrement
  • German: Check-in / Einchecken
  • Chinese: 值机 (Zhíjī)
  • Hindi: चेक-इन (Chek-ina)
  • Japanese: チェックイン (Chekkkuin)
  • Arabic: تسجيل الوصول (Tasjil al-Wusul)
  • Russian: Регистрация (Registratsiya)
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