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What is Double Occupancy?
Meaning, Origin, Popular Use, and Synonyms

Double occupancy - osam tour

What is Double Occupancy?

Double occupancy is a term commonly used in the travel and hospitality industry to refer to the pricing and accommodation arrangement for two people sharing a hotel room, cabin, or other lodging space. When a hotel or travel package is priced for double occupancy, it means that the cost is based on two people sharing the accommodation.

This arrangement is particularly common for couples, friends, or family members traveling together. Double occupancy rates are often more cost-effective per person than single occupancy rates since the cost is divided between two individuals.

Origins of the term Double Occupancy

The term “double occupancy” emerged in the hospitality industry as a standardized way to define and manage room rates and occupancy levels. It became prevalent in the mid-20th century as hotels and accommodations sought to streamline pricing and booking processes.

Double occupancy rates became an industry standard to ensure clear and consistent pricing for rooms that accommodate two guests, simplifying reservations and avoiding misunderstandings regarding pricing structures.

Where is the term Double Occupancy commonly used?

The term “double occupancy” is commonly used in the travel and hotel industry, including travel agencies, booking websites, and hotel reservation systems. It is a standard feature of many accommodation listings and travel packages, allowing travelers to choose the most suitable room configuration based on the number of occupants.

Double occupancy rates are often seen in hotels, resorts, cruise ships, and other lodgings worldwide, making it convenient for travelers to compare prices and plan their trips accordingly.

Synonyms of the term Double Occupancy

While the term “double occupancy” is widely recognized, it may also be referred to as:

  • Twin Share
  • Double Room
  • Two Guests
  • Double Basis
  • Double Occupancy Rate

These synonyms describe the concept of two people sharing the same room or accommodation.

How to say Double Occupancy in other languages?

Translation - osam tour

Here’s how to say “double occupancy” in various languages:

  • Spanish: Doble ocupación
  • Italian: Doppia occupazione
  • French: Occupation double
  • German: Doppelbelegung or Doppelzimmer
  • Chinese: 双人入住 (Simplified Chinese: Shuāngrén rùzhù)
  • Hindi: दोहरी भर्ती (Devanagari: दोहरी भर्ती)
  • Japanese: ダブルオキュパンシー (Katakana: ダブルオキュパンシー)
  • Arabic: احتلال مزدوج (Transliteration: Ihtilaal mudawwid)
  • Russian: Двухместное размещение (Transliteration: Dvukhmestnoye razmeshcheniye)
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