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What is European Plan?
Meaning, Origin, Popular Use, and Synonyms

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What is European Plan?

European Plan, often abbreviated as EP, is a term used in the hospitality industry to describe a type of hotel accommodation package. Under the European Plan, the room rate includes only the cost of the room itself, and meals are not included. Guests have the flexibility to choose and pay separately for their meals, either at the hotel’s on-site restaurants or at external dining establishments.

The European Plan allows travelers to have more control over their dining choices, making it a suitable option for those who wish to explore local cuisines and dining experiences during their travels.

Origins of the term European Plan

The term “European Plan” has its roots in the hotel industry, particularly in North America. Historically, many hotels in Europe offered accommodations without including meals in the room rate, and this practice was later adopted by hotels in North America and other regions.

The concept of the European Plan contrasts with the American Plan, which includes room rates that cover not only the accommodation but also three daily meals provided by the hotel.

Where is the term European Plan commonly used?

The term “European Plan” is commonly used by hotels and resorts worldwide, especially in regions that attract international travelers. It is prominently displayed on hotel booking websites and brochures to indicate the type of accommodation package offered.

European Plan hotels are often preferred by travelers who enjoy exploring local dining options and experiencing the culinary delights of the destination they are visiting.

Synonyms of the term European Plan

While “European Plan” is the most commonly used term, hotels and resorts may also refer to this type of accommodation package using these synonyms:

  • Room-Only Plan
  • Room Rate Only
  • No Meal Plan

These phrases convey the same concept of accommodation without meals included in the room rate.

How to say European Plan in other languages?

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Here’s how to say “European Plan” in various languages:

  • Spanish: Plan Europeo (pronounced: plan eh-roh-PAY-o)
  • Italian: Piano Europeo (pronounced: pee-AH-no eh-roh-PEH-o)
  • French: Plan Européen (pronounced: plan ey-roh-peh-EN)
  • German: Europäischer Plan (pronounced: oy-roh-PY-sher plan)
  • Chinese: 欧洲计划 (Simplified Chinese: ōuzhōu jìhuà)
  • Hindi: यूरोपीय योजना (Devanagari: यूरोपीय योजना)
  • Japanese: ヨーロピアンプラン (Katakana: Yōropian puran)
  • Arabic: خطة أوروبية (Transliteration: Khitat ‘awrubia)
  • Russian: Европейский план (Transliteration: Yevropeyskiy plan)
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