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What is Infinity Pool?
Meaning, Origin, Popular Use, and Synonyms

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What is an Infinity Pool?

An infinity pool, also known as a vanishing edge pool or infinity-edge pool, is a stunning architectural design feature commonly found in luxury resorts and high-end properties. This type of pool creates the illusion of blending into the horizon or appearing infinite, as the water’s edge seems to extend endlessly into the surrounding landscape or a body of water, such as the ocean or a lake. The visual effect is achieved by constructing the pool’s edge lower than the water level, allowing the water to overflow into a catchment basin below, creating a seamless and captivating view.

Origins of the term Infinity Pool

The concept of infinity pools can be traced back to ancient times, with various water features and architectural designs aimed at creating a sense of continuity with the surrounding environment. The modern concept of infinity pools, as we know them today, was pioneered by the architect John Lautner in the mid-20th century. Lautner’s innovative designs for houses with infinity pools that seemingly merged with the Pacific Ocean influenced the trend’s popularity in luxury resorts and private properties.

Where is the term Infinity Pool commonly used?

Infinity pools have gained popularity in upscale resorts and hotels worldwide, particularly in exotic and picturesque locations where the surrounding natural beauty enhances the illusion of a seamless connection between the pool and the landscape. These stunning pools are often featured in travel brochures, websites, and advertisements to entice travelers seeking a luxurious and scenic getaway.

Synonyms of the term Infinity Pool

While “infinity pool” is the most common term, it is also referred to by the following synonyms:

  • Vanishing Edge Pool: This term emphasizes the pool’s disappearing edge and the visual effect of water cascading over the edge.
  • Negative Edge Pool: Similar to the vanishing edge pool, this term describes the illusion of a negative or invisible pool edge.
  • Lagoon Pool: Some infinity pools, especially those in tropical settings, are referred to as lagoon pools due to their resemblance to natural lagoons with no discernible edge.

How to say Infinity Pool in other languages?

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Here’s how to say “infinity pool” in various languages:

  • Spanish: Piscina Infinita (pronounced: pee-SEE-nah een-FEE-nee-tah)
  • Italian: Piscina a Sfioro (pronounced: pee-SHEE-nah ah sfyoh-roh)
  • French: Piscine à Débordement (pronounced: pee-seen ah day-bor-doh-mahn)
  • German: Infinity-Pool (pronounced: In-fin-i-ty Pool)
  • Chinese: 无边泳池 (Wúbian yǒngchí)
  • Hindi: अनंत पूल (anant pūl)
  • Japanese: インフィニティプール (Infiniti pūru)
  • Arabic: حمام سباحة لانهائي (ḥamām sabāḥah lanahāʼī)
  • Russian: Бесконечный бассейн (Beskonechnyy basseyn)
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