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What is Jet Bridge?
Meaning, Origin, Popular Use, and Synonyms

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What is Jet Bridge?

A jet bridge, also known as an aerobridge, jetway, or passenger boarding bridge, is a movable and elevated walkway that connects the terminal building of an airport to the door of an aircraft. It provides a covered and climate-controlled pathway for passengers to embark and disembark from the aircraft, ensuring a safe and convenient boarding and deboarding process. Jet bridges are a common feature at modern airports and serve as a crucial link between the terminal and the aircraft, enhancing the overall travel experience for passengers.

Origins of the term Jet Bridge

The term “jet bridge” originates from the combination of “jet” (referring to jet aircraft) and “bridge” (indicating its function as a bridge between the terminal and the aircraft). As jet bridges were specifically designed to cater to the needs of jet aircraft, the term became widely adopted to describe these passenger boarding bridges across the aviation industry.

Where is the term Jet Bridge commonly used?

The term “jet bridge” is commonly used in the aviation industry, particularly at airports worldwide. It is an integral part of airport infrastructure, ensuring efficient and comfortable passenger movement between the terminal gates and aircraft. Passengers often encounter jet bridges when boarding or disembarking from their flights, making it a familiar feature of air travel.

Synonyms of the term Jet Bridge

While “jet bridge” is the most widely used term for this boarding facility, it is also known by several synonyms, including:

  • Aerobridge: Derived from “aero” (related to aircraft) and “bridge,” it is used interchangeably with jet bridge in many regions.
  • Jetway: This term is commonly used in North America to refer to the same structure that connects the aircraft to the terminal.

How to say Jet Bridge in other languages?

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Here’s how to say “jet bridge” in various languages:

  • Spanish: Pasarela de Embarque (pronounced: pah-sah-REH-lah deh em-BAR-keh)
  • Italian: Passerella per l’Imbarco (pronounced: pahs-seh-REL-lah per lheem-BAR-ko)
  • French: Passerelle pour Embarquement (pronounced: pah-suh-rel poor ahm-bar-kmon)
  • German: Fluggastbrücke (pronounced: floog-gast-broo-ke)
  • Chinese: 登机桥 (Dēngjī qiáo)
  • Hindi: जेट ब्रिज (Jet Briz)
  • Japanese: ジェットブリッジ (Jetto Burijji)
  • Arabic: جسر الطائرة (Jisr al-Tayyara)
  • Russian: Аэровокзальный путь (Aerovokzal’nyy put’)
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