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What is Low-Cost Carrier?
Meaning, Origin, Popular Use, and Synonyms

Low-Cost Carrier - osam tour

What is Low-Cost Carrier?

A Low-Cost Carrier (LCC) is an airline that offers budget-friendly air travel options by adopting a no-frills approach to its services. LCCs are known for providing affordable fares and focusing on cost-saving measures while minimizing additional amenities or services that are commonly found on traditional full-service airlines. Passengers on low-cost carriers typically pay for additional services separately, such as baggage allowance, in-flight meals, seat selection, and priority boarding. By streamlining operations and offering simplified services, low-cost carriers aim to make air travel more accessible and affordable for a broader range of travelers.

Origins of the term Low-Cost Carrier

The concept of low-cost carriers dates back to the 1970s when American airline Southwest Airlines pioneered the no-frills model in the United States. Faced with challenges in the highly competitive aviation industry, Southwest Airlines introduced a simplified service approach, offering lower fares without the traditional perks and amenities. The success of this business model inspired other airlines around the world to adopt similar cost-saving strategies, giving rise to the term “Low-Cost Carrier” to categorize these budget-friendly airlines.

Where is the term Low-Cost Carrier commonly used?

The term “Low-Cost Carrier” is widely used in the aviation and travel industries to differentiate airlines that operate on a no-frills, budget-focused model from traditional full-service carriers. Travelers frequently encounter this term when searching for flight options, especially when comparing prices and services between different airlines.

Online travel agencies, airline booking platforms, and travel-related websites prominently feature the term “Low-Cost Carrier” to help travelers identify and choose flights that fit within their budget constraints. Additionally, travel blogs and forums often discuss the advantages and disadvantages of flying with low-cost carriers, offering valuable insights to travelers seeking affordable air travel options.

Synonyms of the term Low-Cost Carrier

While “Low-Cost Carrier” is the commonly used term, there are various synonyms that describe airlines with a similar budget-friendly approach. Some common synonyms for Low-Cost Carrier include:

  1. Budget Airline
  2. No-Frills Airline
  3. Discount Carrier
  4. Economy Airline
  5. Value Airline

These synonyms essentially convey the same concept of airlines that offer affordable fares and streamlined services without the additional frills commonly associated with traditional carriers.

How to say Low-Cost Carrier in other languages

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For international travelers, knowing how to say “Low-Cost Carrier” in various languages can be beneficial when searching for budget-friendly flight options. Here’s how you can say “Low-Cost Carrier” in different languages:

  • Spanish: “Aerolínea de bajo costo” or “Compañía de bajo costo”
  • Italian: “Compagnia aerea a basso costo” or “Compagnia low-cost”
  • French: “Compagnie aérienne à bas coût” or “Transporteur à bas prix”
  • German: “Billigfluggesellschaft” or “Günstige Fluggesellschaft”
  • Chinese: “低成本航空公司” (Dī chéngběn hángkōng gōngsī)
  • Hindi: “कम लागत वाली एयरलाइन” (Kam Lāgat Vālī Eyaralain)
  • Japanese: “格安航空会社” (Kakuyasu Kōkū Gaisha)
  • Arabic: “شركة طيران منخفضة التكلفة” (Shirkat Tayeran Munkhafaẓah al-Taklif)
  • Russian: “Низкобюджетная авиакомпания” (Nizkobyudzhetnaya aviakompaniya)
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