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What is Modified American Plan?
Meaning, Origin, Popular Use, and Synonyms

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What is Modified American Plan?

Modified American Plan (MAP) is a type of meal plan commonly offered by hotels and resorts, particularly in the hospitality industry. Under the Modified American Plan, guests receive two meals per day as part of their accommodation package. Typically, these meals are breakfast and dinner, and guests have the freedom to explore local restaurants or eateries for lunch or other meals. The MAP option provides travelers with a balance of convenience and flexibility, allowing them to enjoy the convenience of included meals while still having the opportunity to savor local cuisine and dining experiences outside the hotel.

Origins of the term Modified American Plan

The concept of Modified American Plan (MAP) originated in the United States as a variation of the American Plan, a traditional meal package that includes three meals per day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) as part of the hotel stay. The Modified American Plan was introduced to provide guests with a more flexible dining experience and to cater to diverse preferences of travelers who may wish to explore local dining options during their stay.

Where is the term Modified American Plan commonly used?

The term “Modified American Plan” is commonly used in the hospitality industry, especially by hotels and resorts that offer meal plans as part of their accommodations. Travelers often encounter the MAP option when booking stays at hotels, especially in popular vacation destinations or all-inclusive resorts. Many travel websites, booking platforms, and hotel information pages prominently feature the MAP option, allowing guests to choose the meal plan that best suits their preferences and travel style.

Synonyms of the term Modified American Plan

The term “Modified American Plan” is widely recognized, and there are no direct synonyms for this specific meal plan option. However, some related phrases or concepts that may refer to similar meal plans include:

  • Half-Board: In some regions, the term “Half-Board” is used interchangeably with Modified American Plan, indicating that two meals (typically breakfast and dinner) are included in the hotel stay.

How to say Modified American Plan in other languages?

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For international travelers, knowing how to say “Modified American Plan” in different languages can be helpful when researching and booking accommodations in foreign countries. Here’s how you can say “Modified American Plan” in various languages:

  • Spanish: “Plan Americano Modificado” or “Plan Americano con Desayuno y Cena”
  • Italian: “Piano Americano Modificato” or “Mezza Pensione”
  • French: “Forfait Américain Modifié” or “Demi-Pension”
  • German: “Modifizierter Amerikanischer Plan” or “Halbpension”
  • Chinese: “修改美国计划” (Xiūgǎi Měiguó Jìhuà) or “半膳食计划” (Bàn Shànshí Jìhuà)
  • Hindi: “संशोधित अमेरिकी योजना” (Saṁśōdhita Amerikī Yōjanā) or “आधा खाना” (Ādhā Khānā)
  • Japanese: “修正アメリカンプラン” (Shūsei Amerikan Puran) or “ハーフボード” (Hāfubōdo)
  • Arabic: “خطة أمريكية معدلة” (Khṭat ‘Amrikia Ma’dilah) or “نصف الإقامة” (Nusf al-Iqāmah)
  • Russian: “Модифицированный американский план” (Modifitsirovannyy amerikanskiy plan) or “Полупансион” (Polupansion)

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