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What is Poorism?
Meaning, Origin, Popular Use, and Synonyms

Poorism - osam tour

What is Poorism?

Poorism, also known as poverty tourism or slum tourism, refers to the practice of visiting impoverished or economically disadvantaged areas as a form of tourism. In this type of travel, tourists seek to experience firsthand the living conditions and daily life of the local communities facing poverty and hardship. The concept of poorism has garnered both praise and criticism, with proponents arguing that it promotes awareness and empathy for social issues, while critics express concerns about ethical implications and potential exploitation.

Origins of the term Poorism

The term “poorism” emerged in the early 21st century as a portmanteau of “poverty” and “tourism.” The practice itself, however, has existed for much longer, with historical examples of people visiting impoverished neighborhoods or regions out of curiosity, fascination, or a desire to understand social issues.

Where is the term Poorism commonly used?

The term “poorism” is commonly used in discussions surrounding the ethics and impact of poverty tourism. It is prevalent in travel blogs, academic articles, and media debates where the practice is explored and debated. The rise of social media has also contributed to the spread of the term as travelers share their experiences and thoughts on visiting economically disadvantaged areas.

Synonyms of the term Poorism

While “poorism” is a specific term used to describe this type of tourism, there are alternative phrases that convey a similar concept. Synonyms of poorism include:

  1. Poverty tourism
  2. Slum tourism
  3. Reality tourism
  4. Ethical tourism
  5. Social impact travel

These synonyms reflect the various aspects and perceptions of tourism in impoverished areas.

How to say Poorism in other languages?

Translation - osam tour

The term “poorism” can be translated into other languages to convey the concept of poverty tourism. Here’s how it is said in some of the languages you requested:

  • Spanish: “Turismo de la pobreza”
  • Italian: “Turismo della povertà”
  • French: “Tourisme de la pauvreté”
  • German: “Armutstourismus”
  • Chinese: “贫困旅游” (Pínkùn lǚyóu)
  • Hindi: “गरीबी पर्यटन” (Garībī paryātan)
  • Japanese: “貧困観光” (Hinkon kankō)
  • Arabic: “سياحة الفقر” (Siyāḥat al-fuqr)
  • Russian: “Туризм бедности” (Turizm bednosti)
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