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What is Quin Room?
Meaning, Origin, Popular Use, and Synonyms

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What is Quin Room?

A Quin Room, also known as a Quintuple Room or 5-bedded room, is a type of accommodation designed to comfortably sleep up to five people. It is a popular option for families or groups of friends traveling together who prefer to stay in the same room and share the expenses. Quin Rooms are often found in hotels, hostels, and vacation rentals, providing a convenient and cost-effective lodging solution for larger groups.

Origins of the term Quin Room

The term “Quin Room” is derived from the word “quin,” which means five. It is a shortened version of the word “quintuple,” which refers to a group or set of five. The term was likely coined to describe hotel rooms that can accommodate up to five occupants, providing a convenient and economical option for families or small groups traveling together.

Where is the term Quin Room commonly used?

The term “Quin Room” is commonly used in the hospitality industry, particularly in hotels and other lodging establishments. Hotels often advertise Quin Rooms as a specific room category or accommodation option, allowing travelers to book a single room to accommodate their entire group, rather than booking multiple separate rooms.

Synonyms of the term Quin Room

While “Quin Room” is a widely used term, there are some synonyms and related terms that may be used interchangeably, depending on the region or establishment:

  1. Quintuple Room
  2. 5-Bedded Room
  3. Family Room
  4. Group Room
  5. Multi-Bedroom

These synonyms are used to describe the same type of accommodation with the capacity to sleep five people.

How to say Quin Room in other languages?

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When traveling to non-English-speaking countries, it can be helpful to know how to say “Quin Room” to ensure you can communicate your accommodation needs. Here’s how to say “Quin Room” in various languages:

  • Spanish: “Habitación Quin” or “Habitación para cinco personas”
  • Italian: “Camera Quintupla” or “Camera per cinque persone”
  • French: “Chambre Quintuple” or “Chambre pour cinq personnes”
  • German: “Fünfbettzimmer” or “Zimmer für fünf Personen”
  • Chinese: “五人间” (Wǔ rén jiān)
  • Hindi: “पांच व्यक्तियों के लिए कमरा” (Pāṅc vyaktiyõ ke lie kamarā)
  • Japanese: “クインルーム” (Kuin rūmu)
  • Arabic: “غرفة خماسية” (ghurfat khumāsiya)
  • Russian: “Пятерная комната” (Pyaternaya komnata)
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