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What is Throwaway Ticketing?
Meaning, Origin, Popular Use, and Synonyms

Throwaway Ticketing - osam tour

What is Throwaway Ticketing?

Throwaway Ticketing, also known as Hidden City Ticketing or Point Beyond Ticketing, is a travel strategy where a traveler purchases a multi-leg flight ticket with the intention of using only a portion of it. The traveler’s actual destination is not the final destination on the ticket but an intermediate stop along the route. The unused portion of the ticket, usually the last leg, is considered “thrown away.” This practice is employed to take advantage of lower fares for flights with layovers in desirable destinations, ultimately saving money on air travel.

Origins of the term Throwaway Ticketing

The term “Throwaway Ticketing” emerged in the travel industry as a description of the practice of discarding the unused portion of a flight ticket. The strategy gained attention with the growth of online flight booking platforms, allowing travelers to explore and compare different route options to find more affordable fares.

Where is the term Throwaway Ticketing commonly used?

The term “Throwaway Ticketing” is commonly used among travel enthusiasts, budget travelers, and in discussions on travel forums and blogs. While airlines discourage this practice and state it violates their ticketing policies, it remains a widely discussed tactic among travelers seeking to reduce flight costs.

Synonyms of the term Throwaway Ticketing

Throwaway Ticketing is known by several synonyms, each describing the same travel strategy:

  1. Hidden City Ticketing: Emphasizes the concept of booking a flight with an attractive layover city that is not the final destination.
  2. Point Beyond Ticketing: Refers to the practice of booking a flight beyond the traveler’s actual destination.
  3. Skiplagging: Suggests skipping the last leg of the flight to save on travel costs.

How to say Throwaway Ticketing in other languages?

Translation - osam tour

Here’s how “Throwaway Ticketing” is expressed in various languages:

  • Spanish: Billete Desechable / Pasaje Desperdiciado
  • Italian: Biglietto Gettato / Biglietto Spreco
  • French: Billet Jeter / Billet Abandonné
  • German: Wegwerfticket / Verschwendungsticket
  • Chinese: 拋棄票 (Pāoqì Piào)
  • Hindi: छोड़नेवाला टिकट (Chhoṛaṇēvālā Ṭikaṭa)
  • Japanese: 投げ捨てチケット (Nagesute Chiketto)
  • Arabic: تذكرة تجاوز الوجهة (Tadhkirat Tajawuz Alwajhah)
  • Russian: Использование Перевозчика (Ispol’zovaniye Perevozchika)
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