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What is Incidental Charge?
Meaning, Origin, Popular Use, and Synonyms

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What is an Incidental Charge?

An incidental charge refers to additional expenses or fees incurred by guests during their stay at a hotel, resort, or other hospitality establishments. These charges are separate from the room rate and are typically applied to cover services or amenities used beyond the standard accommodation. Incidental charges can include expenses for room service, minibar consumption, spa services, laundry, telephone calls, internet access, and any other add-on services availed by guests during their stay.

Origins of the term Incidental Charge

The term “incidental charge” is derived from the word “incident,” which means an event or occurrence. In the hospitality industry, incidental charges are expenses that happen incidentally during a guest’s stay, as a result of using extra services or amenities beyond the basic room accommodation.

Where is the term Incidental Charge commonly used?

The term “incidental charge” is commonly used in the hotel and hospitality industry worldwide. It is a standard practice for hotels and resorts to inform guests about the possibility of incurring incidental charges during check-in. Hotels often require guests to provide a credit card or a cash deposit as a guarantee against these additional expenses.

Synonyms of the term Incidental Charge

While “incidental charge” is the widely recognized term, it may also be referred to using alternative names or phrases:

  • Miscellaneous Charges: Some hotels may use the term “miscellaneous charges” to encompass various additional expenses incurred by guests.
  • Extra Charges: Hotels might inform guests about “extra charges” to describe incidental expenses.

How to say Incidental Charge in other languages?

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Here’s how to say “incidental charge” in various languages:

  • Spanish: Cargo Incidental (pronounced: KAR-go een-see-den-TAL)
  • Italian: Addebito Incidentale (pronounced: ad-de-BEE-to een-che-den-TA-le)
  • French: Frais Incidents (pronounced: fray een-see-DAN)
  • German: Nebenkosten (pronounced: NAY-ben-koh-sten)
  • Chinese: 附加费 (Fùjiā fèi)
  • Hindi: आकस्मिक शुल्क (ākasmik śulk)
  • Japanese: 付帯料金 (Futairyoukin)
  • Arabic: تكلفة عرضية (taklifat euridiya)
  • Russian: Дополнительные расходы (Dopolnitel’nyye raskhody)
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