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What is Prix Fixe?
Meaning, Origin, Popular Use, and Synonyms

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What is Prix Fixe?

Prix Fixe is a term used in the restaurant industry to refer to a type of fixed-price menu, where a specific number of courses are offered at a set price. This means that diners can enjoy a full meal with predetermined dishes for a fixed cost, providing them with a convenient and often cost-effective dining option.

Origins of the term Prix Fixe

The term “prix fixe” originates from French, where “prix” means “price” and “fixe” means “fixed.” The concept of offering a fixed-price menu with predetermined courses has its roots in traditional French cuisine, where it was initially introduced to simplify the dining experience and provide a set selection of dishes to guests.

Where is the term Prix Fixe commonly used?

The term “prix fixe” is commonly used in restaurants, especially those offering fine dining experiences or special menu options for certain occasions. It is particularly popular in upscale restaurants, where chefs curate a selection of their best dishes, providing diners with an opportunity to enjoy a variety of flavors in a structured and often more affordable manner compared to ordering individual dishes.

Synonyms of the term Prix Fixe

While “prix fixe” is the widely used term, some restaurants may refer to this concept using other names. Synonyms of prix fixe include:

  1. Fixed-price menu
  2. Set menu
  3. Chef’s tasting menu
  4. Table d’hôte
  5. Menu degustation

These synonyms reflect the different ways restaurants may present their fixed-price dining options.

How to say Prix Fixe in other languages?

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The term “prix fixe” is derived from French and is commonly used in English-speaking countries. Here’s how “prix fixe” is said in some of the languages you requested:

  • Spanish: “Menú del día” or “Menú fijo”
  • Italian: “Menu fisso”
  • French: “Menu fixe”
  • German: “Festpreismenü” or “Fixes Menü”
  • Chinese: “定价菜单” (Dìngjià càidān)
  • Hindi: “निश्चित मूल्य पदार्थ” (Nishchit mūly padārth)
  • Japanese: “プリフィクス” (Purifikusu)
  • Arabic: “قائمة أسعار ثابتة” (Qā’imatu ‘as’ār thābitah)
  • Russian: “Фиксированное меню” (Fiksirovannoye menyu)
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