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What is Table d’hôte?
Meaning, Origin, Popular Use, and Synonyms

Table d’hôte - osam tour

What is Table d’hôte?

Table d’hôte, a French term that translates to “host’s table,” refers to a type of fixed-price menu offered in restaurants and dining establishments. In a table d’hôte setting, the chef or host prepares a set meal with a predetermined selection of dishes, typically consisting of multiple courses. Unlike à la carte dining where each dish is priced individually, table d’hôte offers a complete dining experience at a set price. This style of dining allows guests to enjoy a variety of dishes and experience the chef’s specialties without the need to make individual menu choices.

Origins of the term Table d’hôte

The term “Table d’hôte” has its origins in the French culinary tradition. It has been used since the 17th century to describe a communal dining experience where guests would gather at a host’s table to enjoy a pre-determined meal. The concept later spread to other countries, and today, table d’hôte is commonly associated with traditional, multi-course meals served at a fixed price.

Where is the term Table d’hôte commonly used?

The term “Table d’hôte” is commonly used in the hospitality and restaurant industries, especially in fine dining establishments, hotels, and specialty restaurants offering set menus. It is particularly prevalent in regions known for their culinary heritage and where the traditional multi-course dining experience is cherished.

Synonyms of the term Table d’hôte

Table d’hôte is known by several synonyms, each describing a set menu dining experience:

  1. Prix Fixe: A term commonly used in English-speaking countries to denote a fixed-price menu.
  2. Set Menu: Indicates a predetermined selection of dishes offered at a set price.
  3. Chef’s Menu: Refers to a menu curated by the chef, featuring their signature dishes.
  4. Menu of the Day: Suggests a daily-changing set menu based on seasonal ingredients and chef’s inspiration.

How to say Table d’hôte in other languages?

Translation - osam tour

Here’s how “Table d’hôte” is expressed in various languages:

  • Spanish: Menú del Día
  • Italian: Menu Fisso / Menu del Giorno
  • French: Menu Table d’hôte / Menu du Jour
  • German: Tagesmenü / Festes Menü
  • Chinese: 定价菜单 (Dìngjià Càidān)
  • Hindi: फिक्स प्राइस मेनू (Fiks Prais Menyu)
  • Japanese: コース料理 (Kōsu Ryōri)
  • Arabic: قائمة ثابتة (Qaemat thabitah)
  • Russian: Постоянное меню (Postoyannoye menyu)
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